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NO SWEATSHOPS! Made Domestically. One step closer to greener footwear!

Take a Look Inside the Factory

Made by Hand in the Beautiful State of Maine!

All of our footwear is handmade by skilled craftspeople right here in the United States, where labor laws and environmental protection are well integrated into the whole production process.  

The factory where our shoes are made, has been in business for three generations.  Kyle and Mike, below, are committed to honoring and preserving the shoemaking tradition and its intrinsic place in their community, while embracing the idea of trying new things; like making flowery boots!


 A master pattern maker and super nice person, Tina took my idea and turned it into something you can lace up and take to the streets.  She answered my many rookie questions with grace and humor, and without her expertise Shindigs Shoes would likely still be nothing more than a drawing on my desk.

The artisans of the factory turn out footwear of the highest craftsmanship, and should be proud to be keeping the tradition alive in Maine and innovating shoemaking on into the future.