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The Stitch in Time Hat Project - All Profits to to Emergency Medical Helicopters

Caps and Hats

Modern medicine can be a great thing, but not all emergencies happen next door to the hospital.  The Stitch in Time Project at SHiND!GS is a small effort to raise a few dollars to help speedy access to the best care when time is of the essence but distance is a problem.  All profits from this project go toward keeping the helicopters flying.

This idea came to me while sleeping in my parents guest room which could easily double as a yarn shop.  (My mother, a prodigious knitter, keeps herself well supplied with raw materials.)  The big Do-WAH is that because she took a timely trip in a helicopter, she can still knit, and walk, talk, cook, drive, and pretty much carry on with life as usual.  Knitting a few things and raising a few bucks for helicopter service seems like an appropriate way to celebrate.

(If you're wondering why there are so many pink hats, it is because I was going to make myself a sweater but I made hats for you instead.)

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