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NO SWEATSHOPS! Made Domestically. One step closer to greener footwear!

About Us

Posted by Sarah Millham on
About Us

The idea to start making very high quality women's footwear right here in the United States, springs from a number of different sources. The deepest well of course is that I like shoes. I like interesting shoes, and I like shoes that I can wear happily without counting the minutes until I can sit down and take them off. As an environmental scientist and optimist, I am interested in reducing our impacts on the planet.  As a good neighbor, I am interested in supporting domestic businesses, and in doing so, supporting communities.  

Every pair of Shindig shoes is handcrafted by artisans working in factory in Maine, where shoes and boots have been carefully made for three generations.  There are no sweatshops anywhere in the making of a pair of Shindig Shoes, and with domestic production you can be certain of environmental compliance.  We are committed to making high quality footwear in an ethical way.

Lastly, life is serious, but gosh, lets have some fun!  Color is fun. Patterns are fun. It's fun to look down at your comfortable, happy feet, and smile!  Take some joy where you can find it!

Thanks to Tom, Mike and Tina, without whom Shindigs would still be just another idea.


Founder Shindig Shoes



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