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NO SWEATSHOPS! Made Domestically. One step closer to greener footwear!

What People are Saying

I am proud to wear ethically made shoes, and ecstatic that they are so good to my feet too!  Honestly, I don't think I have ever owned such a well made pair of boots.

Los Angeles, California

Lol, it took me until this late in life to understand that I can enjoy wearing shoes.  I look forward to putting on my pink boots.  They increase the odds of having a great day.  Not kidding.

Atlanta, Ga

I wore my the blue boots to a dinner party and we spent at least 45 minutes talking about the whole idea behind Shindigs.  The men were disappointed that they don't come in men's sizes.

Park City, Utah

I got six compliments at work today.  The pink boots are pretty cool!

Atlanta, GA

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